AltWaters Technology

Vibrationally Imprinted Frequency Water Formulas


"the science of innate knowledge expressed through the vehicle of water - evolved water for Life!" - Carol Keppler

About "The Waters"

The base for the AltWaters formulas is structured, or Microcluster water. This is water with a memory. The smaller clusters are hex-shaped to fit more easily through the pores of the cells.
These formulas are "programmed" or imprinted, through a vortex process, with frequencies of multiple herbs and other "naturals". No actual product is in the water - only the frequencies/vibrations of the item.
Each Formula may contain imprints of anywhere from 120 to thousands of frequencies, designed to match the most subtle electric of the human harmonic electric body, and measured in millivolts.

Water is Life!

At birth the human body is approximately 85% water, which is structured or clustered tissue water. Over time, as the cells collect pollutants, there is a loss of cell communication, nutrient delivery, waste removal and the ability to self-repair. And thus the aging process begins.
It is believed that cellular death may be able to be reversed by flooding the cells with this specially designed water - water that has been programmed with the frequencies of millions of detoxifiers allowing cell regeneration.
The shape of the water molecules is the key to its use by the cells because only hexagonal clusters fit through the pores of the cellular membranes.
The positive frequencies of the AltWaters formulas are capable of very efficiently neutralizing the negative frequencies within your body's 75 trillion cells.
Scientists have demonstrated that cells possess resonant patterns, which can be enhanced or "tuned" for homeostasis, the body's ability to return to what we call Radical Wellness.

Quantum Healing System

The AltWaters System and Formulas were created and mastered over four decades by Carol Keppler, Master Intuitive.

They were designed to "neutralize the negatives" of body trauma, emotional trauma, toxins or chaotic electric/EMRs, at all Levels and Layers, for repair and regeneration: Cellular, Molecular, Atomic and SubAtomic.

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Preventive Maintenance

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Our Preventive Maintenance Formulas can only be used after doing the System. Daily nutrition, protection and more in these powerful Formulas!

The AltWaters SinglesLine

Over 40 AltWaters SinglesLine Formulas to help with your specific needs. They were designed to help anyone, even those who are not yet ready for a life-style change. They are taste-free, non-toxic, easy to use, safe for people and pets of all ages!

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AltWaters Creator

Carol Keppler, Master Energy Intuitive

Carol was diagnosed in 1983, at the age of 50, with a serious health condition. She chose to follow an alternative path to wellness. During the healing process, Carol discovered that she was able to intuit what others needed to support their health and well-being. The first program she designed combined diet with herbs and multiple supplements. Over time she began to identify the body's health potential in terms of frequencies or "Subtle Energy Units", a more scientific way of looking at the process of cellular repair.

This led to the investigation of new technologies and the discovery of a method for transferring the frequencies of Carol's innate knowledge into water. Creating an easy, inexpensive way for people to increase their cellular vibrational capacity to the levels needed for what she called "radical wellness.

Carol was a smart, interesting and caring Soul with an INCREDIBLE gift. Her mission in life was to "heal the Planet with water". She helped and healed so many people and pets over the last 3+ decades. We are grateful and blessed to have been a part of her life, to witness her create and heal and to be able to carry on her hard work and legacy.