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We love our feathered friends and this all-natural, water-based Formula is the tweet of the town! Chirp.N.Tweet is designed to keep your feathered friends healthy, happy, and stress free! Loaded with great supplements and protection, you'll chirp with joy when you see how it relieves your feathered pal's woes!

  • Maintenance of beak, bones and feathers
  • Provides supplemental minerals and probiotics to diet
  • Counters "dietary" toxins and any poisonous agents
  • Clears Infections
  • Clears mites of all kinds
  • Protects against gastro-intestinal disease
  • Clears poisoning by injection/ingestion/absorption/inhalation
  • Normalizes pH factor to resist disease/yeast/fungus
  • Relieves stress/anxiety/trauma
  • and much more!
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