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This Formula can only be used if you've completed an AltWaters System.

Expect.A.Miracle is an unusual Formula designed to help you get on with your Life!  It explores the brain power, your brain, the computer of this amazing body.  It's all there from A-Z in this exciting AltWaters Formula!

  • Addresses not only physical, but mental, emotional, psychological and Spiritual aspects of your beingness
  • Self-concept corrections for a meaningful Life: Opportunity recognition, self-love, self-confidence, worthiness, and expecting the unexpected...and much more!
  • The possibility for completion of the healing process for every area of the body from head to toe
  • Completion to the deepest healing layers of the SubAtomic and out the farthest reaches for the repair of your Aura and its protection of your body
  • Adds extra years of life to enjoy with the healing of your Gland of Regeneration
  • Comes with instructions for Manifesting Your Miracles!
  • and so much more!
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