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Power 2

Power 2

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This Formula can only be used after you've done an AltWaters System

Daily detoxing for a lifetime of wellness...your "Go-To" formula for everyday "stuff".  You never want to lose the benefits of the System. Your 75 trillion cells were designed to self-repair, and they are at that place right now. Power 2 will keep them there with the first-on-the-Planet purification system encompassing everything from the worst poison and infections to the most subtle emotional clearing when needed.

  • Powerful detoxifier/clears cell toxicity - ingested/injected/absorbed/inhaled (can't take with antibiotics or other medications, it neutralizes them)
  • Relieved inflammation
  • Transfer of subtle energies from meridians to cells for self-repair
  • Improves stamina and endurance
  • Repairs insulation around nerves
  • Promotes a positive mindset
  • Prosperity factor reset
  • De-stresses nervous system
  • Cellular regeneration begins
  • Electro-Magnetic Radiation/EMR clearance
  • Cleansing/rebuilding stem cells
  • Jumpstarts Body's Innate Healing System
  • Clearing of first 2 LEVELS of healing: cellular/molecular of "western medicine"
  • and so much more!
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